Online Blouse Stitching by - How it works?

Hi there, we are often asked about our process - how does the online thing work afterall. And how do we make sure the blouse fits perfect. So here I am writing a complete process we follow at

Here is a video we made back in time for ease of understanding our process.


For ease of understanding let us go step by step from intial customer contact to delivery.

Online Blouse Stitching - how it works

Step 0- enquiry - customers connect with us via any of various channels - all leading to one point of contact on WhatsApp , where our designers communicate with the customers on daily basis

Step 1- requirements - the details and requirements of the order are discussed with customer and captured by our designer - which forms the basis for order creation and quality checks and pre delivery review and in some cases for post delivery issues/changes

Step 2 - Quote - based on the order details and design requirements our team will share quote with pricing and estimated time to deliver. We also have in our catalog various designs and stitching options with prices so you can directly order even without consulting us. Once you place order/make payment,  our team will connect with you to help you out with further steps.

Step 3 - Fabrics/measurements n accessories - If customer has fabric we arrange for home pickup from their place, if customer doesn't have fabric we arrange for fabric based on requirements (we mostly deal with Pure rawsilk, Cotton silk, Pure Silk, Semi raw silk, Cotton, Georgette, Banaras and certain fancy fabrics)

If you would like us to arrange material/fabrics then we would need specific details like Color, Material type and the measurements. While we try our best to match the color shade there is slight chance that it may not be the exact shade as you see in device. As per our 5 year record we have matched 95% of time exact shades as customer requested for. Sometimes, the exact shade may not be available, in such cases we inform customer for giving us few options to go choose from.

Measurements - if you have a previous/ old blouse that fits well, we can use it as a sample for measurements - we will arrange for pickup or even you can courier it to our address in Hyderabad. If you are also sending us blouse materials, you can send the sample + materials together in 1 package (or we can arrange for pickup) . The pickup costs depend on your location in India. If its your first order with us - you get Free pickup.

Online Measurements submission - if you do not have a previous/old blouse that fits well, or it is your first blouse, no problem, you can send us measurements online via our Super Easy Measurements Form - which has been used by our customers worldwide since 2015. It is super easy and simple with step by step guidelines to measure yourself at home. A helping hand would be a great help - so call up your friend/sister/mother to help you out with filling out the measurements form. Fill it out with as much accuracy possible, and rest our designers will take care.

Step 4 - Work in progress with multiple quality checks - our team gets to work on your blouse - if it has handwork - sketches are created by designers which is then crafted on fabric by our expert craftsmen. Once the handwork is complete then it goes to Tailoring department where the lining is matched and pre shrunk before cutting to measurements by Cutting master. The tailor then stitches it as per design guidelines. Once the stitching is complete it will be reviewed for errors by designer, after which it goes to final touch ups and hemming.

Step 5 - customer review  There will be one more quality check before the pics are sent for customer review. Once the customer confirms ok the order is sent to final step.

Step 6 - Out for delivery - the order is steam ironed and neatly packed in clean and safe packing covers/boxes and sent out via our courier partners. The tracking details are updated on website and via email/whatsapp, so the customer can track it in real time.

Final Step- Order complete and customer feedback - we connect with customer for delivery confirmation and feedback on how the blouse came about. In rare cases when there is some problem or alterations our team will help you with creating a correction/alteration request which is then processed by quality team and appropriately resolved.