Online Blouse Stitching in India - why it works

Online Blouse Stitching in India is a huge opportunity for existing and new players alike. 2020 has shown why online forms of businesses must and should exist. When we started our startup for online stitching services in 2014 it was considered too mundane and unintelligent. One of our friends mom said " There are tailors at every corner of city, there is one just besides our lift downstairs who does good work. Why would I bother to go online for tailoring and how about measurements? ..."

Well what she said in 2014 was quite right, it was an uphill task to get people order online, especially in India. We understood that and targeted our efforts to those who do not have access to tailors, like in case if NRIs living abroad.

Cut to 2021, times have changed. Thanks to technology, and changes in way of life and thinking of consumers in our country, we are now seeing surge in online stitching searches, and orders of-course.

Why it works?

- most online players of online stitching services are startups, mostly run by well educated people who want to make a difference in society - so it makes it easier to build customer trust

- reach - thanks to social media channels, today any small business from any part of the world (especially India) is able to showcase their work/services and connect with customers worldwide

- Building trust has become easier - thanks to Google My Business and other review options online - business are able to get genuine reviews and also showcase them to new customers, knocking off the initial hiccups

- Trustworthy payment options - wallets have been of great help for us, now customers do not hesistate to make online payments for their orders upfront

- the communication has improved immensely between customers and the tailors (service providers) , thanks to WhatsApp and video calling options. Walk in to any matching cloth store in Hyderabad today, you will not be surprised to see boutique designers on video call with customers, showing fabric options to their customers.

- all the more beneficial to customers - today the customer is the king (queen in this sense) - she gets to choose designs specially selected by designers for her, based on her requirements, she gets to choose the fabric from numerous options, gets to see the updates as its made and then review before it even gets into her hands. All this even without getting out of couch.

- quality control - at the service providers end things have immensely improved due to technology - the order details are well tabulated (noted) - the reviews have become easy as the smartphone has all the records of conversations so both the parties remember what was said and agreed upon - easy for businesses to check quality internally even if they outsource the work

- delivery - thanks to improved intra city, intercity and international courier services, the delivery costs have come down helping startups to scale faster and cater to customers from any part of the world. We have been succesfully able to deliver to our customers in Egypht, Australia, Canada, USA, Singapore, Srilanka, Mauritius and England.

NEED - the most important thing that defines online stitching in India is the culture - the trend and culture of sarees and salwar suits propels the demand for customized clothing in our country - and this CUSTOM need that breathes air into tailoring business in India.

So if you are planning to start online stitching service - this is the time. All the best!